Want to Hit for Power? Train with the 3S Hitting System

by Bill Dailey May 09, 2016


Your bat makes contact with a pitch. Before it's even left the infield, you know it's a home run. You hustle around the bases, but it doesn't matter. That ball isn't coming down in play.

 To a hitter, there is no better feeling. But maybe a close second is being confident that you can do it over and over again, even in pressure situations. 

 The only way to gain that confidence is to train.

 How you train makes all the difference. You need to have quality instruction, the dedication and discipline to push through tough days, and the desire to want to improve. You also need the right equipment.

 Hitting for power in baseball requires a strong core. This means you need to exercise your hips, backside, hamstrings, quads, obliques and abs. The weight room can work great for this, but you end up working each muscle group independently. This runs the risk of over-working or under-working some muscles. Doing so can throw off the delicate balance of an efficient, repeatable swing.

 What if there was a tool that you could bring with you to the diamond, hook up to the fence, and get stronger with just 15 min of your time before practice? The 3S Hitting System is designed to do just that. It uses resistance tubing technology to train ALL your core muscles at the same time.

 Bill Dailey, creator of the 3S, built the 3S around the concept that an optimal swing has 3 main components: Swing Path (also called the "Slot"), Core and Hand Strength, and Bat Speed. If you properly train each of these elements, you end up with an efficient, powerful, and fast swing. You won't hit a home run on a pitch you can't catch up to, but you also won't send the ball flying if you don't have the strength once you make contact. So why not work on your entire swing? 

 The 3S Hitting system comes with 2 major components. The Swing Stabilizer wraps around your shoulder, while the Swing Blaster goes on your bat. In the video included on this page, Bill runs through drills he designed to get the most out of the Swing Stabilizer component.


The Swing Stabilizer Works in 2 Ways



  • Perfect for working your core and building strength in your legs, hips and abdomen

  • Demonstrates how to maintain your balance, and how your hips should rotate through your swing

  • Forces you to use your back leg to drive into the front side 

  • Teaches you to use your front leg for stability

  • Allows you to feel the relationship between your hands and your hips during your swing

  • Improves your balance 



  • Truly shows the innovative nature of the 3S. Very few Hitting Systems use this approach

  • Trains your hips to learn how to rotate faster.

  • Instead of "pushing" against you, it "pulls" you through the proper swing motion

  • Over time, you will gain an awareness for the proper speed and timing of your hip rotation

 If you're wondering why you should trust Bill's design, here are two great reasons. First, he helped guide LSU to an NCAA National Championship as an 3rd Base Coach in 2000. Second, he currently owns and operates a hitting academy in his hometown of Baton Rouge, LA. He uses the 3S Hitting System with his students constantly, and their results have been incredible.

 As you can see, the Swing Stabilizer will train your legs and  hips to react properly as you swing, and make you stronger throughout your core. If this was all the 3S could do, you'd still have a very valuable hitting aid. However, the 3S Hitting System also works on your Hand Strength and Bat Speed. The Swing Blaster bat attachment allows you to keep a real bat in your hand while you train your swing.

 If you'd like to see the Swing Blaster in action, shoot over to our page detailing how the 3S can improve your bat speed.If you're ready to start becoming a key part of your team's success this season, a bat that your coach and teammates trust as you walk to the plate with the game on the line, click below to get started!

Bill Dailey
Bill Dailey


Bill Dailey was formerly the 3rd base coach for the LSU baseball team, including during the 2000 National Championship season. Currently, he owns and operates Pitch by Pitch Hitting Academy in Baton Rouge, La. He created the 3S to help hitters of all ages and skill level reach their hitting potential so they can love the game like he does.