6 Drills to Improve your Swing

To become a better hitter you have to practice. Bill Dailey, creator of the 3S Hitting System, also developed special drills that will help you get the most out of the product. In only 15 minutes, you can work through all these drills. Do so once a day, and you'll see incredible results in just a few weeks.

The magic behind Bill's design is that it works the 3 keys to a great swing: Swing Path, Bat Speed, and Overall Strength. Each of these drills will emphasize one of these key components of a proper swing, while making sure not to negelect the others. This ensures that you won't throw your swing out of balance, and allows for a quicker, more effective workout.

The 3S come with two main parts: the Swing Blaster and the Swing Stabilizer. The Swing Blaster attaches to your bat and develops your swing path, bat speed and hand strength. The Swing Stabilizer wraps around your shoulder to focus on your core muscles and teach proper hip rotation. Learn more about each component by following the links below, or have a look at the 3S in action by watching the drill videos.

Before using the 3S System, please consult the setup and safety tips to ensure optimal, safe functionality.

Swing Blaster

Extension Drill

  • Gives the feel of the proper "Bat Path," or "Slot"  

Swing Stabilizer

Resistance Drill

  • Strengthens your core muscles, especially your hips
  • Promotes proper hip rotation

  • Forces your legs to work to maintain balance

  • Demonstrates the feel of a mechanically optimal swing

Rapid Fire Drill

  • Works on hand speed, hand strength
  • Continues to promote proper "Bat Path"

Overspeed Drill

  • Allows you to move your back hip faster than we can on your own
  • Trains the muscles to move faster

  • Forces you to maintain your balance and leverage

Blasting Drill

  • Creates hand speed and bat speed

Pepper Drill

  • Developes hand strength and bat speed