The 3S Hitting System Story

The 3S Hitting System was developed by Bill Dailey. Owner of Pitch-By-Pitch Baseball Academy, hitting instructor and coaching staff member on the 2000 LSU College World Series Champions. 

Why the 3S?

I developed the 3S Hitting System to help hitters like you build a more perfect swing using a single piece of equipment. Throughout my career as a coach, it became clear to me that hitters needed one swing system that could develop a quick bat, a strong grip, and strength and balance in their core.

I saw performance enhancement specialists using resistance tubing to increase speed and strength and I knew that with the right design I could incorporate the same philosophies to unlock a hitter's potential by increasing bat speed, making them stronger, and reinforcing proper swing mechanics.

I designed and tested the 3S Hitting System and was able to prove that my design improves overall core strength, hand and grip strength, and bat speed.  Over time the 3S Hitting System also reinforces an efficient, mechanically sound swing into a hitter's muscle memory.  Now, with only one product, you can work on every element of your swing from just about anywhere.

I am proud that I found a manufacturer here in the U.S. so that everything about the 3S Hitting system is American Made. This means that every 3S Hitting System is crafted with quality first in mind.

I hope you will see that the passion I have put into developing the 3S Hitting system has led to the best tool for building a more perfect swing.

Bill Dailey
Former Assistant Baseball Coach, Louisiana State University 1998-2001, 2000 National Champions;
Current Owner Pitch-By-Pitch Baseball Academy and hitting instructor.