Refund and Return Policy

  • We will refund any purchase of the 3S Hitting System if we are notified of the desire for refund within 30 days after purchase.
  • We must receive the product back within 45 days, at which point we will refund after inspecting the kit for damage or misuse.
  • The kit must be returned with all original parts included.
  • We will assess a $10 restocking fee for all returns.
  • We will waive this fee if we sent you a defective kit
  • If you're the recipient of a gift, please provide your full name, shipping address, and email address.
  • If you believe you have received a defective kit, you must place a claim through email to support@3sswing.com detailing the issue with 15 days of receiving the product.
  • We are not responsible for shipping fees incurred in sending back the product.
  • We will not accept returns with damage to the 3S caused by improper use or intentional tampering