PRO MODEL - Recommended for Ages 18 and Up (On Sale Now!)


The Pro Model of the 3S Hitting System builds strength, quickness and muscle memory through resistance training. Recommended for most high school seniors, and all college and professional hitters.

Benefits of the 3S System
  • Extra resistance means maximum results
  • Provides feedback on swing flaws while allowing for natural motion
  • Does not fundamentally alter your unique swing, but improves it
  • Fosters a shorter motion to the point of contact
  • Improves hip rotation and strengthens core muscles
  • Keeps a real bat in your hands
  • Fast results with short exercises
  • Portable, easily sets up anywhere
Kit Description
  • Swing Blaster Bat Attachment
  • Swing Stabilizer Shoulder Strap
  • Resistance Tube for Swing Blaster
  • "Self Connector" Strap that allows for set up anywhere
  • Door Attachment for set up using a door frame
  • How to guide
  • Card providing resources for best use of 3S
  • Carrying bag - whole kit ships in bag
3S Facts
  • 100% Made in USA
  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • Created by current professional hitting instructor and former NCAA National Champion 3rd Base Coach Bill Dailey

All Kits Shipped within 2 days of order with UPS Ground

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