YOUTH MODEL - Recommended for Ages 12 & Under (On Sale Now!)


The 3S Hitting System works all elements of a hitters swing with one simple and fun product. Recommended for ages 12 and under. Youth kit DOES NOT include the swing blaster. 

Benefits of the 3S Youth Model
  • Helps young hitters find their swing
  • Proven Results
  • Fast improvement leads to more excitment for the game
  • Portable, easy to set up
  • Fun and simple!
    Kit Description
    • Swing Stabilizer Shoulder Strap and Resistance Tubing
    • "Self Connector" Strap that allows for set up anywhere
    • Door Attachment for set up using a door frame
    • How to guide
    • Card providing resources for best use of 3S
    • Carrying bag - whole kit ships in bag
    3S Facts
    • 100% Made in USA
    • 30 Day Guarantee 
    • Created by current professional hitting instructor and former NCAA National Champion Assistant Coach Bill Dailey

    All Kits Shipped within 2 days of order with UPS Ground 

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